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It is our mission to provide parents with tools to enrich their children

The idea for Cubby News came from the recognition and frustration at the amount of information our kids are constantly being exposed to. Specifically, that the information was frequently inadequate, mindless, too much, too little, and/or biased.
We wanted a tool that made our kids engaged and excited while also enhancing the quality time we spent with our children.

Eli Aschkenasy - Founder

Read, Explore, Discuss

After recognizing the need to develop a tool for us parents to enhance the knowledge of our children, we set out to identify other areas in which we could help our children grow. We decided to focus on providing:

Educational reading material at an age-appropriate level

Allowing children to read the same news item as their parent but at an age appropriate level elevates their confidence.
At the same time, we further their reading comprehesion by including additional vocabulary words and their meaning.

Content relevant to the child's interests to broaden their horizon

We provide an awareness of current world events tailored to the interests shared between parents and children.
Our "Did you know" section at the end of each article, provides even greater exposure to relevant facts.

Conversation material to engage parents and children

The main purpose of Cubby News is to start conversations between parents and their children about the provided information.
Read, explore, and discuss together.

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What our users have to say

I've enjoyed watching my kids curiosity increase with cubby news giving me ideas for questions I would never have thought to ask.
Margaret G. - Mother of 6 and 9 year olds
My kids take turns picking the topics and it's always funnny to see the younger one trying to stump her sister.
Sarah L. - Mother of 7 and 8 year olds
My son likes to save the questions for bedtime. It has become our favorite bonding experience.
Mark R. - Father of 7 year old
I wanted to give them a gift that got them away from the TV and it takes me back to reading the newspaper with my father.
Brian T. - Grandfather of 8 year old
Even her teacher said she is asking more questions in class and that her vocabulary increased.
Emily H. - Mother of 6 year old
They have given our family the gift of intentional quality time and we beat the cousins four weeks in a row.
Rob S. - Father of 7 year old twins